Oat Bread

This oat bread is very much like soda bread and is wheat free, but tastes delicious and will raise no eyebrows on your table if visitors arrive. Enjoy it just as you would a soda bread. This recipe makes one small loaf tin, not bigger than 22 x 12 cm (5 x 9 inch).


500 g greek yoghurt (Full or low fat are good)
250 g oat flour (Alternatively oats ground in food processor) *
200 g porridge oats *
2 tablespoons oat bran
1 teaspoon baking powder
0.25 teaspoon salt
50 ml water
* each of these is the same volume as the original 500g yoghurt pot, so you can just clean the yoghurt pot and fill it with oats, and again with oat flour making the bread super easy to make without weighing.


Mix all ingredients. The dough will be stiff but you don’t need to knead it like wheat bread. Form a rough ball shape with your hands and press into a lightly oiled nonstick baking tin.
The bread doesn’t rise but the texture is perfect, so don’t pat it flat unless you want a completely flat loaf. Instead ensure that the dough is evenly distributed to the end of the tin and leave a slight chamfer on the top of the unbaked loaf.
Bake at 180 celcius for 45 minutes.
Turn out and cool or an hour, and it’s ready for use, however, if you refrigerate it overnight you can run it through a bread slicer in the morning for sliced bread.

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