Sweetened Oat Bread

This sweet oat bread combines coconut, almonds, raisins and apple in a delicious light oat based brack ideal for serving with tea as a healthy alternative to cakes and biscuits, and it’s fully made within an hour. You can also double the quantity and use a large round tin for more people.


500 g greek yoghurt (Full or low fat are good)
150 g coconut flour
100 g ground almonds
200 g porridge oats
50 g raisins
50 g diced apple (About half a small apple)
50 g brown sugar (Optional)
1 teaspoon baking powder
50 ml water


Mix all ingredients. The dough will be stiff but you don’t need to knead it like wheat bread. Form a rough ball shape with your hands and press into a lightly oiled nonstick baking tin.
Bake at 175 celcius for 50 minutes.
Turn out and cool, and it’s ready for use, however, if you refrigerate it overnight you can run it through a bread slicer in the morning for sliced bread.

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