Ginger and Lemon Tea

This ginger tea is a delicious and healthy cleansing drink that doesn’t taste healthy. You can make it directly in a flask as long as it has a strainer for later.


750 ml Thermos flask
Weighing scales


30 g ginger
40 g maple syrup
30 g lemon slices (About 3 or 4 round slices)
600 ml water off the boil
100 ml red rum, dark rum or brandy (Optional)


Take the ginger, the size of a golf ball is 30 g and this will make a good strong tea especially if infused for a long time. Slice it into fine strips, and cut these into batons.
Warm the flask and add all ingredients in order: ginger, lemon, maple syrup, spirits (Optional), top up with water and seal. Give a gentle shake to mix.
Wait at least 30 minutes for the ginger to infuse, strain and enjoy.


While you can’t easily add powdered spices, you can try whole cloves or a small piece of a cinnamon stick. I personally prefer just the ginger as it allows the full flavour of that wonderful root to come through.

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