Dried Fruit Energy Balls

These energy balls are delicious. The fig and date base is best made in a clean meat mincer for the right texture, and the cocoa liquor buttons (Or cacao nibs) and hazelnut butter round out the flavour perfectly. They are rather sweet and carb-heavy, but sooo good.

150 g oat flour (Or oats ground to flour in food processor)
250 g dates
250 g figs
150 g ground almonds
250 g smooth hazelnut butter or almond or other smooth nut butter (About 4 tablespoons)
100 g organic cocoa liquor buttons or nibs chopped to chips (Or substitute cocoa powder)
60 g desiccated coconut (About 4 tablespoons)
100 g maple syrup (About 4 tablespoons)
100 ml ristretto (Espresso made very strong)
100 ml dark rum
Pinch of sea salt
Some chopped almonds to coat the finished balls.
Foodsafe latex gloves are recommended to handle the dough as it prevents it from sticking to your hands, and a  scissors action meatballer (5cm diameter) is useful for forming the balls to achieve consistent size.
Put the dates and figs through a clean meat grinder. This produces the perfect texture, though if you don’t have one you may be able to use a food processor, be careful not to create a purée. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, ideally with your hands like kneading bread. Use latex gloves to prevent sticking.
Be prepared to add a small amount more oat flour, rum or coffee to adjust the consistency if it is too powdery or conversely forms a batter.
Using your hands or a meat-baller, create balls about the size of a golf-ball and  optionally roll in a little more desiccated coconut, cocoa or chopped nuts (Flaked almonds reduced in a food processor stick best.)
Balling tip: A 5cm diameter meatballer works best. The mixture, made as directed, should not stick excessively but you may have to push the dough ball out using the drainage holes in the sides of the meatballer. If it is sticking intolerably then take a mug and put 1 teaspoon of cornstarch in it, and use it to dust the inside of the meatballer after every few uses. The cornstarch will absorb into the dough.
Transfer to the fridge to set overnight. Store refrigerated or freeze.

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