Mulled Wine

A robust mulled wine for cold winter evenings in the run up to Christmas. Make sure all your spices are fresh and remember to keep the pot covered as much as possible to avoid losing the nutritious alcohol. This recipe yields about 1.1 litres. Multiply the recipe up if required (Recommended.)


750 ml robust red wine, merlot, malbec, pinotage
37.5 ml vodka
37.5 ml gin
37.5 ml cointreau
5 ml orange bitters (10 splashes)
5 Oranges 5 (About 300 ml of juice)
0.5 teaspoon allspice
Small piece of Ginger
4 pieces of star anise
2 teaspoon cinnamon
0.5 teaspoon nutmeg
2 loose teaspoon of cloves
4 cardamom pods crushed
Splenda, sugar or sweetener to taste


Place the wine in a cold pot and use a microplane to zest the oranges into the pot. Then squeeze the orange juice from all oranges and it add to the pot. Keep the mixture cold until this is done.
Apply high heat to the pot. Add all spices. Place a lid on to avoid steaming off the alcohol.
When the wine is steaming, immediately take it off the heat and leave to steep until cold, one to three hours is recommended. When cold, decant or strain to remove the solids, rinse the pot and return the wine to the pot. (Alternatively the wine can be poured into a 1 litre bottle and sealed for finishing on a later day.)
When ready to drink, apply medium heat until the wine is piping hot again, meanwhile add all spirits and bitters. Place a lid on top immediately to avoid evaporation of alcohol.
Once hot enough to drink, pour into cups, sweeten to taste (Either in bulk or per cup) and serve.

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