Avocado Soup

This avocado soup is lightly cooked and very nutritious. It may cause nostalgia for the 70s and is a vibrant bright institutional green. The recipe is designed to be served hot, but can be chilled too.

This recipe is calibrated to serve 2 – 3 people as the servings are small, not exceeding 250 ml because the soup is filling. Relative quantities can be adjusted widely to taste for salt and acid levels. The fluid is non-newtonian once puréed and will splatter if overheated. Use a vegan stock if you absolutely must but chicken stock gives a classic flavour.
2 Avocados (Soft and ripe, preferably not rubbery)
3 Spring onions
200 ml chicken stock or other salty stock
1 teaspoon butter
150 ml cream
Juice of one lemon
Slice up the spring onions, using the green part also and fry in the butter until slightly softened.
Add the stock and the avocado flesh, chopped up, and heat thoroughly but not to simmer.
Add the lemon juice and cream.
Purée the mixture with a stick blender for about 30 seconds, until smooth and homogenous.
Heat the mixture thoroughly, stirring gently to prevent it from splattering.
Once hot, serve in small quantities.
For a thoroughly retro appeal, put a blob of cream on top, add a single drop of balsamic vinegar and swirl with a toothpick, top with a few finely sliced green strips of spring onion.

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