Mulled Wine

A robust mulled wine for cold winter evenings in the run up to Christmas. Make sure all your spices are fresh and remember to keep the pot covered as much as possible to avoid losing the nutritious alcohol. This recipe yields about 1.1 litres. Multiply the recipe up if required (Recommended.)

Home Carbonation Rig

Carbonation in beverages happens by two major means. Champagne, Cava and other beverages using the name Champagne, such as Soviet Champagne and California Champagne undergo two fermentations. In the first fermentation in a vat the yeast present in the grape juice creates alcohol but the resulting CO2 byproduct is allowed to disperse into the air.…

Rum Lime Cocktail

A delicious rum cocktail with ginger and lime for those colder months. 50 ml Black Rum25 ml Contreau3 splashes orange bitters3 splashes Angostura bitters1 tablespoon of ginger juice1 tablespoon of lime juiceIceSparkling water or Ginger Beer at preference to fill glassSprig of mint.Make the ginger and lime juice by passing them through a masticating juicer…

Ginger and Lemon Tea

This ginger tea is a delicious and healthy cleansing drink that doesn’t taste healthy. You can make it directly in a flask as long as it has a strainer for later.